Ancient Tones

by Daniel Payne

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Recorded with Andy Gibson in Nashville TN 12/2011

Daniel Payne is certainly no stranger to the life of musical gypsyhood. His enterprising exploits of rambling and relentless touring stretch across the globe. 800 Mile Monday is his band and channel for his stories. Savage tales of betrayal, spurned lovers, and the everyday common low down losers, streetpeople and gutterfolk breathe life into the characters of his songs- all told with grim authority and impeccable realism. Yet the greater meaning of life transcends all the songs, as simple sums of their parts, and these power glimpses of salvation and hope, though juxtaposed by terror and death, do shine the brightest, clear and tangible in this music for all who wish to see it.

Music should stand on its own two feet without being qualified by self-righteous crusading and exhausting, pulpit-pounding spectacles on the part of its purveyors to the end that you are, supposedly, convinced of its authenticity. The sadness of life, grisly though it is, represents a profound truth which transcends all left-right illusions and shatters all of our silly, preconceived, divisive human notions. All this to say, we’re already dead and all is lost. There is truth, and then there is the prism through which one views truth.

Hundreds of nuclear and theoretical physicists working around the clock, tireless in their hours and steadfast in their mission and neglecting their families for many years have discovered, decisively, that the only way to eliminate the middle man and access your direct path to truth is by clicking the “Buy” link on our websites. We are 800 Mile Monday from Lubbock, TX. We have two albums so far and we had fun recording them and we think you’ll enjoy them both as much as we do! Cheers!


released January 29, 2012

all songs written by Daniel Payne

Billy Contreras-fiddle, mandolin (The Way to Nowhere)

Andy Gibson- dobro, steel guitar, mandolin, upright bass (Death Knell, Her Name is The River, Hopes and
Dreams, Jealous Husband Blues, The Way to Nowhere)

Daniel Mason- banjo

Daniel Payne- acoustic and electric guitar, mandolin (Methamphetamine Cowboy), vocals, clawhammer banjo (Her Name is The River, Death Knell)

Chris Scruggs- upright bass (Methamphetamine Cowboy, Pain Pill Blues, A Few Fine People, Rebel Soldier, Turnarounds and Lies)

cover art by John Heslep



all rights reserved


Daniel Payne Lubbock, Texas

Daniel Payne is a Countryblues / folk songwriter from the town of Lubbock, out in the west Texas high plains. His music is has traditional country and folk roots with an uncanny edge for compelling and original storytelling. In a word, it is unapologetically American. ... more

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Track Name: A Few Fine People
Come gather round good people
Make your peace before I'm gone
It's all just temporary
So don't you go takin' it wrong
Cause hell couldn't make me do right
Heaven couldn't make me stay
So give me just a few fine people
In the yard when it comes my day

When I leave you with the livin', girl
You carry on, don't cry
No more tears of sadness
Hold your darlin' head up high
Cause you loved me through the hard times
Never did complain
So give me just a few fine people
In the yard when it comes my day

Give just a few fine people in the yard when it comes my day
Have a cheers for the hard times
Plant me in the clay
Give me just a few fine people before we're called away
Give me just a few fine people in the yard when it comes my day

Pass that glass of whiskey before I shrivel up and die
We're all bound to hit that perfect note up in the sky
And I done what all I came for, there's nothing left to say
So give me just a few fine people in the yard when it comes my day

I've got to meet with Jesus and I'm tryin' to make time
There's nothin' that can save me cause all of us are dyin'
But it sure has been a blast boys, much as I'd love to stay
Give me just a few fine people in the yard when it comes my day

Give me just a few fine people in the yard when it comes my day
Have a cheers for the hard times
Plant me in the clay
Gimme just a few fine people before we're called away
Gimme just a few fine people in the yard when it comes my day
Track Name: Death Knell
Come and hear your death knell
Death make you happy
Devil make you whole
Your time to shine son
Come and hear your death knell

There's blood on your hands and you'll find there's not much
Not a word in the land
Is gonna save your damn self when cold death strikes a hand

When the cloaked rider calls hangin' round your door
There'll be no more kind forgivin', no more redeemin' your soul

You'll lie awake in bed, your time's come and gone
Hear the hoofbeats of hell, your death carriage drawn, by two horses wide, three horses long

In the deep freezin' fog when the bell starts to ring
All through the black hills, whose name will you scream
For to plead for your health when you hear your death knell

Your quicksilver love changes with the wind
You tell me I'm blind and that I'm not your friend
Threw your wings to the ground
And you're too scared to swim
At least you've always had your proud hole to dive in

So make good upon your breath
Make good upon the breeze
Make good upon nightfall
Make good upon your knees
Track Name: Hopes & Dreams
So many things babe, I want to say to you
So many miles babe, under these pair of shoes
You say upon the fence too long
and what you wanted me to do
I can't divine babe, but I'll pray for you

Cause all our hopes and dreams they lie as carcasses turned on the side
Along this lonesome road that carries me
You just can't make up your mind
That's why you got left behind
Waitin' on a word from me and you'll be cryin' soon

So many tears babe I have put down for you
Just as they say babe, I've healed in time it's true
To fix upon your fickle love, you can't help it and it would be cruel
I know in time babe, you'll get there too
Track Name: Jealous Husband Blues
Someone's gonna pay for that woman's low down ways
She put me in a spell, there was nothing I could say
She slithers and she shines and I love the way she moves
and I know it's gonna cost me, Jealous Husband Blues

My darling's plan went south for to high tail in the night, A man come home to find me in his house with his own wife
Yesterday I just turned 22, my shiverin' body frail, that's a long time left for livin' friends, with a hound on your trail

The hammer's comin' down but it hasn't fallen yet
Cause wounded pride remembers what a cheatin' heart forgets
The storm is coming soon, it's gonna crash down on my head
There's gonna be a reckoning, I wish that I was dead

I made good my escape from old El Paso with my life, never meant no one no harm, now I'm tryin' to live right
Heaven knows I've been ashamed but I do forgive myself, could even be in line for a glimpse of fiery hell

I've fallen deep in love with a girl across the sea, she gives me everything I need, her smile sets me free
We're bound for Colorado, gonna raise a family
She's never even drank lord, she's perfect as you please

It seemed I'd been forgiven and the idle threat was gone, that was seven years ago and wounded pride don't last that long
But revenge before dishonor doesn't care about right or wrong, he decided to make peace with a homemade car bomb

I'm locked in this asylum and I miss my darlin' so, I'll be right back home to see her just as soon as I'm let go
But there's nothing but a cross of 20 years beneath my nose, and all that I can give her, friends, is a tear drop and a rose
Track Name: Methamphetamine Cowboy
He's a methamphetamine cowboy
Lord he don't know how
He don't know why
Methamphetamine cowboy
at the pearly gates he'll tell 'em
"Hell Gus, I didn't see no line"

Years ago some pusher tried to jame the cowboy up
The meth cook from Tecumseh widely feared was Jesco Rusk
But cowboy owned 10 sections full of wells out on the plains
It was there they say that Jesco died inside a world of pain

He'll ride the reaper bareback to the halls of kingdom come
He lives his life with no kind of regrets for what he's done
The skies are filled with big black plumes of smoke outside of town
Cowboy had to set the story straight for some damn clown

He's a battle hardened matador, his pain is your disease
He beckons death to call and has to fuck all that he sees
He's a self created monster and he don't know when to quit
Lord he tried to do what's right but then it all just went to shit

He cuts a ganglion cyst from his wrist with a buck knife, wraps it up in duct tape then he drives all through the night
With a nose that's full of powder and a heart so full of crime
He spurs his red-eyed pony to the pits of hell on time
Track Name: Pain Pill Blues
I'm goin down to Austin, goin' down to get them 'dones
Learned a lot of lessons on the cold hard street
I don't need your love, I don't need your preachin'
Goin' down to Austin, goin' down to get them 'dones

Well I'm goin down to Houston, goin down to get them 'dones
Well it's only by the grace of the Lord I ain't dead and I'm a rehabilitated man the parole board said
Goin' down to Houston and I'm goin' down to get them dones

And I'm a get that money, get that money now
Get that money just to keep you comin' around
Goin' down to Houston and I'm goin' down to get them 'dones

Well I'm goin' down to Huntsville and I'm goin' down to get them 'dones
I made a lot of money breakin' down them doors
Suppose I'll do it again if I need some more
Goin' down to Huntsville and I'm goin' down to get them 'dones
Track Name: Rebel Soldier
My daddy was a rebel in the southern cavalry
Drafted to the army in the spring of '63
Rebel he was born, rebel he will die

My baby brother fought them devils on the day Atlanta fell
Joined the state militia, ripe old fightin' age of twelve
Rebel he was born, rebel he will die

And where I'm goin' ain't as important as fast as I've been livin'
One more ride along the road, gonna seal my ragged fate
And what I know ain't as important as the love that I've been given
If it's something you wanna die for yankee soldier won't ya come on down

That union army's marchin' down here to impose them yankee ways
And there's some good ol' boys behind that hill just waitin' to make their day
To the glory songs of dixie we'lll sing ourselves back home
Leave that yankee layin' where he plunders and he roams

Oh Lord I hates the yankee nation, I hates the yankee laws
Won't the good Lord put his grace upon our cannons and our cause
Cause rebels we were born, and rebels we will die
Rebels we will die, rebels we will die

So if our southern cause is lost and our southern rights denied
And I had it all to do again, you know I'd stand and fight
We killed 300,000, I only wish we won
And I don't want no pardon for anything I done
Track Name: Turnarounds and Lies
I'm lookin' at some slick ol' politician, he's lying thru his teeth on TV
You know he ain't got no kinda concern for a poor boy, he'd just as soon see me bleed
and throw away my family's every comfort to prop up their industry

Well he puts his bloody hand down on the bible and he holds the other high
And he sends you off to the front lines where the bombs fall, never lost no sleep, never even blinked an eye
And now he's flappin' his lips to the cameras, sendin' everyone off to his heroin fields to die
Everyone so desperate to play that deadly game of turnarounds and lies

Now they done and gone put a black face on a what cause for the multitudes of dollar signs
I know pretty soon they'll be greasin' up the war cogs while we squander off all our fury pickin' sides
In the end we're forced into bondage for to wonder if the preacher man he told us right
Everyone so deadly to play that deadly game of turnarounds and lies

The pharisees stood tall with silver trumpets, cast a golden light on every deed, then turn around and put a cross up for the righteous to die upon and set them free
Keep an eye on the folks out tryin' to keep heaven's door closed and the gates to the cemetery greased

Please tell me that it's all just been a bad dream, that a burnin' world of screams and cries I'm imagining in all my darkest visions ain't fixin' to come alive, til the fist of the poor strikes back with a bloody warning, til the last penitentiary is full of suits and ties
Everyone so desperate to play that deadly game of turnarounds and lies
Track Name: The Way to Nowhere
You've been dead to my heart so long girl
There ain't nothin' I can do to bring you back
So I'll be goin' down along my lonely way baby
Down another old stretch of lonesome track

Cause I've been weary and so far past lonesome
That i've given up all my hope of ever comin' back
Now don't you worry don't you worry won't be long now I'll be a bale of black smoke comin' out the stack

Cause a woman done left me lovesick and scarred
Bleedin' from past wounds opened
Pray to sweet Jesus fly me out to the stars
Before my mind is broken

Won't let ém hang me, they'll not soon ever catch me
There's no way I'm ever gonna be brought back
I'll have 'em bury me along some lonesome highway or in another old ditch out by the tracks

Cause I've been burned out by so many bad ways that I don't know if I'm ever gonna fix me right
Had me a showdown with my seven rowdy demons, they been tellin' sweet lies tryin' to drive me from the light